This ability constitutes the main fortress of Codyas. Our specialists have more than five years developing solutions in team.

Best Practices

Our team emphasizes on the best practices of software development. It permits more concrete solutions of a higher quality.

Free technologies

In our developments we principally use free technologies, facilitating with it the technological independence of our clients.

Quality and satisfaction

In Codyas, we take very seriously the quality of our solutions and the satisfaction of our clients to whom we offer support, 24 hours per day.

CODYAS » informatics solutions

We are a group of specialists on informatics topics. We are also experts in providing solutions of great economic and social impact. We have a wide experience in different facets of the digital world which facilitates our clients to reach their full potential.

In Codyas we have a team that possesses advanced skills on the design and development of informatics solutions. We help you increase the productivity of your business due to the informatitation and optimization of your processes.


We offer specific solutions to the problems that are related to e-commerce platform, custom software development, enterprise management software, SEO, web positioning and digital marketing, data processing and data base management, among others.

Custom web development

We have solutions for corporative websites, e-commerce, social networks, etc.


We develop solutions from the market most popular Content Management System.


For more specific developments we use the most recommended languages and frameworks of the present.



We possess solutions that allow the clients to have the correct presentation of their products and the integration with the payment systems through Internet such as PayPal.

Responsive design

All our solutions are properly visible on any device, which facilitates: the navigability of the clients through the contents.

Enterprise Management Software

We contribute to the optimization of the enterprise processing of our clients.

The Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) are systems of information management that automatize many of the business practices associated with the operative or productive aspects of an enterprise.

In Codyas we develop and personalize these kind of systems. We construct applications for the invoicing, requests management, accounting, inventory control, stock and warehouse management.


SEO, web positioning and digital marketing

We improve the visibility of your website in the organic results of the most popular searchers on Internet like Google, Yahoo! and Bing.

Intern positioning

Our specialists meticulously review the content, appearance, accessibility, such as other characteristics of your web site.

The correct employment of these technics makes you positioning on the searchers to be improved.


Extern positioning

We make the popularity of your business become the strongest in the social media and Internet in general.

We promote your web site on recognized directories like Dmoz and Yahoo!.

Other services we also offer

We develop suitable applications for any support, database or mobile devices.

Mobile devices

We make your business reach the ultimate generation mobile devices. We program solutions or the Android, iOS and Windows Phone operative systems.

E-commerce platforms

We possess solutions which allow us to accompany the customers during the process of purchase or purchase decisions, since the correct presentation of the products till the integration with payment systems through Internet platforms like PayPal.

Domain registration and web hosting

We possess the necessary mechanisms to register your new domains on Internet. Subsequently, we offer you the possibility of lodging your web site and we provide you the tools for its administration.

Databases management

We offer database solutions with the employment of the most advanced technologies and tools. We develop flexible and scalable solutions based on both SQL and NoSQL managers.

Installation and maintenance of the operatives systems

We have a team of specialists which attend the installation and maintenance of your work stations or professional servers. We possess experience in the handling of operatives systems and tools based on the free software and owner software.

Conferences, courses and talks

Our staff has a high methodological preparation for teaching subjects related with general informatics. All the contents we transmit, they have a high didactic character and they are bibliographically updated.

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